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Duties of Prefect

1.        Prefects should work towards the promotion of discipline within and outside the school premises, in school buses and during competitions in which students participate and assist as supporters.
2.         Prefects should ensure that students put on their most appropriate behaviour during morning assemblies and any other activities both at school and outside. This includes talks, visits, workshops and other such events.
3.         Prefects should serve as a link between the Students and Administration and ensure that communication is at its best level. Prefects should at all time work in close collaboration with the Administration and Teaching Staff to ensure the smooth running of the school.
4.         Prefects should be Role Models and motivate students to give their best and work towards upholding the school’s reputation.
5.         Prefects should implement the Head Boy’s Plan of Action and work in line with the Mission Statement and vision of the School.
6.         Prefects should ensure that students strictly abide by the Rules and Regulations governing the School and should report all cases of misbehaviour.
7.           Prefects should assume their responsibilities towards junior students, guiding and protecting them.
8.           Prefects should be able to handle all their duties and at the same time maintain their level of academic excellence.
9.           Perfects must wear their badges at all time. The badge is a sign of authority which every prefect should keep in good condition.
10.         Prefects must inform school administration of any rule violations they witness.
11.         Prefects are expected to perform any other duties as assigned by the Rector.
NOTE: In addition to acting as leaders of the general student body, some prefects are called to take a leadership role within the prefect system. They act as student administrators in order to ensure that the system operates effectively. These student administrators are known as :
Ø  Head Boy
Ø  Deputy Head Boy
Ø  Vice Head Boy
Ø  Secretary
Ø  Vice Secretary
Ø  Treasurer
Ø  Vice Treasurer
Ø  PRO                              
            Prefects themselves must abide by rules and regulations otherwise they will also risk punishment.