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Heads of Department Duties

Heads of Department – Statement of Duties

In addition to their normal teaching load, of not more than 25 periods Heads of Department should:
1. Provide leadership to the department by holding departmental meetings at least twice per term.  Notes of meeting to be recorded.
2. Help Rector/Deputy Rector/Principal in monitoring Teaching/Learning in their department.
3. Advise members of their department in new trends in education so as to improve the Teaching/Learning process.
4. Plan, implement, monitor and evaluate the Curriculum and see that regular monthly tests are set and marked.
5. Prescribe text-books, reference books and other teaching aids.
6. Facilitate the administration in connection with time-table of the department and advise on school budget.
7. Discuss problems encountered by staff in their own departments and to suggest solutions to the Head/Deputy Head of the School.
8. Ensure that homework is regularly set and exercise books marked.
9. Be in charge of all equipment and materials in Science Laboratories, Workshops and Physical Education Gymnasium and be responsible for the drawing up of indents and the upkeep of Science Laboratories, Workshops, Physical Education and Home Economics equipment.
10. Train newly recruited/inexperienced laboratory attendants and workshop assistants.
11. Help in the running of in-service courses.