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Guideline to smooth running of college

Guidelines for the smooth running of the school
1. No changes are to be made to class time-table or teacher time-table without the approval of the Rector/Deputy Rector. 
No Student  must  be  admitted to class or added to the Attendance Register without the Rector’s written approval.
2. Any clash/problem in the time-table should be reported to the Rector/ Deputy Rector at once.
3. Pupils are not to change their subjects   or classes unless they present a written note signed by the Rector/Deputy Rector.  Teachers must not allow into their class, pupils who are not supposed to study the subject they teach. 
4. Requests for Casual Leave should be made one week in advance.  Applications   for leave should be submitted to the Rector and should set   out the reasons for such leave.  Urgent   casual   leaves   are   taken only when there is great urgency. In such cases, the Rector or the Secretariat should be informed early in the morning.
5. Teachers who come back after a day or more of absence are requested to check for any notices, communications or circular letters addressed to teachers during their absence.  Copies of these may be posted on Staff Notice Board. 
6. Teachers are expected to be called upon at any time to replace their colleagues who are absent.  Replacement will be effected from 1st to 9th period.
7. Teachers should not make an abuse of ‘permission’ to attend to various personal matters during school hours.
8. Please be advised   that   replacements   are given to   teachers out   of dire necessity.  Genuine complaints regarding replacements should be made to the Rector.
9. As a rule and out of courtesy all official representations addressed to the Ministry of Education and Human Resources or other Ministries should be channelled in duplicate through the Rector.  These should be typed.
10. The Head of Department, Deputy Rector or Rector may at any time visit a teacher in class, follow the lesson being taught and check pupils’ exercise books.  All Members of the Staff (particularly  those  who  are  not confirmed  in  their  appointment)  must  expect  the  visit  of  inspectors.  They are strongly advised to have their lesson notes and schemes of work ready and up to date.  Copybooks of pupils must be marked and initialled at least once a fortnight in all classes by ALL Teachers.  All teachers should  submit to the Rector their weekly plan of work for each class on the first day of each week.  A well prepared, high standard and interesting lesson is the only factor attracting students to class.
11. Keys, attendance registers, official documents must never be in the possession of pupils.  Pupils must not be authorised to ‘pack off’ before the bell rings.
12. Form teachers as well as other teachers are requested to report to the usher all cases of unclean classrooms or missing, broken and inadequate furniture.  If satisfaction is not obtained, the Rector/Deputy Rector should be contacted.
13. Discipline starts in the classroom and maintaining discipline is your responsibility.  Special attention should be given to checking the attendance of pupils during single/double/normal/replacement periods.  Those missing from classroom must be reported at latest 10 minutes after the bell has rung.  Teachers who are replacing are totally responsible for the class they have been assigned and they are expected to be present physically with the students.
14. So as to maintain school discipline, teachers are advised not to accede to requests from pupils to go to the Laboratory or Gymnasium or to play during lessons.  Lessons have to be taught normally even if only one student is present.
15. Assistant form masters are requested to mark the registers if form masters are late.
16. Teachers should be on the school premises before 08.00 hours and be present at all school assemblies and participate fully in all school functions.  Remember that you will be in a position to impose rules and regulations on your students only if you yourself abide by the rules and regulations at work.
17. All teachers must submit to the Rector their scheme of works through their Head of Department.
18. Teachers are reminded that at least 3 assignments should be set to each class per term.  A record of these assignments should be kept and made available on demand.