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Royal College Curepipe An Education of Excellence, Harmony with Nature & our Neighbours And Self Discipline
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Mission and Vision

Vision of the School
To strive to establish a unique centre of learning which provides a world class quality education to our boys, ensuring their total personality development to become global citizens; a centre contributing to build an educated nation fully aware of its rights, duties and responsibilities not only towards Mauritius but also towards the whole world.
  • To constantly  improve quality results at all levels.
  • To broaden the intellectual horizons and cultural perspectives of students.
  • To uphold discipline in our students inside and outside the school.
  • To ensure that the staff abide by a strict work ethos with a sense of dedication.
  • To allow students to develop attitudes of perseverance, fortitude and fair play, and to ensure they build self-confidence and self-respect.
  • To develop in them mutual respect and tolerance towards each individual in any religious group or community in the pluricultural Mauritius.